Abracadabra In Osaka

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Link to album on Bandcamp: Abracadabra In Osaka

MoonJune Records released “Abracadabra In Osaka” by Soft Works on Dec. 4, 2020, a live recording from a gig (in Osaka) on Aug 11, 2003. Soft Works was created after Leonardo Pavkovic and Elton Dean reconnected in 2000. After meeting John Marshall and Hugh Hopper, the idea of a Soft Machine reunion was born. In 2001, Allan was asked to join. The band was named “Soft Works”, and released the studio album “Abracadabra” in 2003. Allan only played 11 gigs with this band, and this album is the first official release of a live recording of this lineup.

The album appears to be available exclusively on Bandcamp, in the form of a CD including streaming and download, or as a digital only release. The repertoire is based on “Abracadabra”, with the addition of some Soft Machine classics and Hatfield And The North’s “Calyx”. Allan contributes two tunes: “Madam Vintage” and “Alphrazallan”, a composition previously only heard on “All Night Wrong”. There’s plenty of information available at the Bandcamp site.

Here's a breakdown of the tracks, ordered by where they came from, and with info on writer. Two tracks were written by Allan, a total of six tracks were originally recorded on "Abracadabra", three of the tracks are Soft Machine classics, and one is a Hatfield And The North cover.

Alphrazallan 10:11 (Allan, from “All Night Wrong”)
Madam Vintage Suite 07:59 (Allan, from “Abracadabra”)
Seven Formerly 12:58 (Elton Dean, from “Abracadabra”)
Baker's Treat 08:46 (Elton Dean, from “Abracadabra”)
Elsewhere 07:12 (Hugh Hopper, from “Abracadabra”)
Abracadabra 11:28 (Hugh Hopper, from “Abracadabra”)
First Train 09:19 (Hugh Hopper, from “Abracadabra”)
Facelift 13:22 (Hugh Hopper, from “Third”)
Kings & Queens 08:14 (Hugh Hopper, from “Fourth”)
Calyx 06:22 (Phil Miller, from Hatfield and the North)
Has Riff 09:36 (Etheridge, Marshall, Ratledge, Babbington, Travis)

Regarding "Has Riff", an Amazon reviewer commented on another Soft Machine recording: “This is a longer updated version of Soft Machine's "As If" ,the original was on Fifth, this one has a wonderful guitar intro by John Etheridge after several minutes it goes into more familiar territory, just think of it as "As If" with a guitar added and no drum solo (LBO) at the end, still a very powerful remake of a classic jazz-rock tune!”