Allan Holdsworth- talks about his Carvin Guitars Headless signature model

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I love it actually I'm really happy

because I have a long-standing

relationship with Garvin for many many

years I can remember how many actually

it's been decades and I've always been a

huge fan of headless guitars and know

like if I play a regular guitar like a

strap first of all the thing about strap

that I don't like is this is a full

scale size guitar it's twenty five and a

half inch scale and the strap is twenty

five and a half inch kill but the

fingerboard sorround and I pull the

strings off the edge of the finger but

all the time I just its cannon I just

don't like it and the other thing is

it's got all this stuff that you don't

need you know it's just just like so

when I play a strike feels like a rubber

band well I play I can actually I think

I don't know if I can do this if

anybody's got a Stratocaster you go like

doesn't happen it's stablest most and it

balances perfectly and one of the things

that I noticed because I was an SG

player for many many years was I

realized as I played violin for a little

bit too was that I was actually holding

the guitar up as part of my playing was

actually holding the guitar so now I

could just play it I don't have to I

don't have to push you down at all it

just stays wherever I put it because

it's perfect and balanced

I change equipment all the time you know

and thus that's beauty you're just

looking for something better you know

there we are

the thing about the headless guitar for

me is nothing to do with how it looks in

fact that's one of the reasons but most

people don't like them is because of the

way they look you know they want to have

a big guitar that looks like kind of

hairy and everything some people look at

the guitar they go all it's little but

it's not little at all this is a lot of

advantages that I had with a headless

guitar you don't have to deal with the I

could change your whole set of strings

not that that's of major importance but

it's one thing probably in less time

than a guy with a strap can change his

high E and plus I think they sound

really great I think they have a really

focused kind of sound

I tried to make the ship kind of not

look too crazy so that anybody who never

really tried it headless keytar before

could say oh it looks not too weird let

me try one and I've kind of been

surprised by how many guys who were

maybe wouldn't have been into a headless

keytar that try one and then they'd go

oh yeah it's pretty good I think once

once you once you get used to play the

headless guitar it's really hard to go


well I like the shape of the original

kind of fat boy so we kept that nomadic

smaller obviously because it would look

stupid like the head looks keytar with a

giant body so it was just a kind of

scaled-down version of that this guitar

is chambered so it's kind of hollow most

all of the way although this pickup sits

in the solid piece of wood so it's less

likely to feedback then when the time

that was hollow like the previous

version although the first pick up the

front pickup of the neck pickup however

you want to refer to it is actually

sitting in it in a chambered part which

is great because usually most people use

the front pickup more for like chords

and you know just like playing like

cleaner lines and then the treble pickup

I guess a lot of guys will use that more

for distortion so feels like it's a more

dynamic than the original one and

they're just snap here or quicker or

something they just there's just

something about them that it was hard

for me to get used to going back in fact

I couldn't in the end I tried to go back

to a guitar with the headstock but I

couldn't make it

and it's beautiful it's really beautiful

I mean you can you know I have a couple

of customer guitars and some because

thousands and thousands of dollars just

like most of the guys might have a

couple of you know most exotic guitars

or whatever but I've been playing this

guitar since I got the first prototype I

didn't take anything else on the road I

took this one and one other one they're

identical you know except for the wood

one of another Tigers right the guitar

itself is the same well I think with

Cavan they've always another especially

over the last few years or maybe they've

kind of aligned themselves with some

really great players some really great

musicians you know like Franken Steven

so I mean all those guys they have their

own you know they have their input and

they listen you know Calvin listen to

what they have to it you know what

they're talking about and I think that's

another thing that pushes it along you

know because sometimes to try and drive

something without a musician on it's

like they've got participation with the

with the musician which some companies

don't have that at all they just kind of

fly it in the dark you know but I think

cabin has got a lot of good people

working with them that can sort of say

oh well I think this wood might be

better than that or this might be better

than that and then they listen and I

think that's why this stuff is so good

they've always had like great

playability I even remember when I

bought a cou sticky table for my

daughter when here a long time ago and I

just remember she had something else and

it was like yeah and it was a famous

make it was they might you know but it

was like I couldn't play it it was just

a list and then the Cavan guitar was

like it was beautiful right out of the

box you know it was just like it wasn't

a very expensive guitar you know and it

sounded really good and it played

beautifully it was really because

sometimes I think especially for young

kids when they first start playing the

guitar you don't want to make it any

harder for it's hard enough you know you

don't want to give him a guitar where

you could stick a phonebook between the

E string and the first fret you know

like like in the old days a lot of

guitars I played before it's like then

the e strings like here somewhere looks

like oh so now things have come a long

way and I think having details out the

out the gate every one I don't think

I've played one that wasn't wasn't it

you know easy to play right out of the


and it works perfectly for me I love it

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