Allan Holdsworth Talks about his Headless Kiesel Guitars

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this may y'all you know I worked with

been working with the cabin people for

many many many years and they just came

out with this new version with a new

company Keisel so now this is the next

generation of this particular guitar

it's now going on to the Kiesel brand

it's an exquisite guitar it's absolutely

fabulous I love it beautiful machine and

so where do I start well I'll start at

the top okay

so first of all the were a lot of frets

that were made with fellow steel or

nickel and those some people like the

stainless steel some people like the

nickel I actually like both but these

are kind of in-between this breath is

like a special alloy and it just so

happens it came out golden colored which

is very pretty so it kind of looks good

with the the nice abalone inlays and the

color of the blue and even the red

guitar and it's it's a little softer

than stainless but much harder than

nickel so it's buttery

they're very slippy there's no grinding

or anything you know you're not going to

hear any scraping if you do it any eddy

bending so it's really really cool it's

a tall fret which I like and then the

next thing going working on down to the

bottom of the guitar who came up with

the new pickup which is six individual

pull pieces instead of the multiple pull

pieces that car

you see us for many years which were

also cool but I like this

much much better it's a beautiful

sounding pickup it has come the enameled

wire the old the old-style enameled wire

which was used in the original vintage

pickups and it really makes a big

difference I've actually been able to

back my pickup off a little bit further

away from the string because I found it

give a little bit well even more

dynamics especially if you're using it

for a kind of a distorted sound this one

is slightly more chambered than the

original but just not very much just

enough to give the guitar a little bit

more dynamic in my opinion so the

original one was chambered also but this

is chambered more so and I think the

balance of the way they've got the

chambering now and the combination of

this pickup and the fret wire well I

like it

the thing that's lovely is the dynamic

thing of the

that usually with a regular really heavy

body tolling guitar is not gonna happen

the playability guitar is unbelievable

it's awesome it's easy it's nice

beautiful you gotta try one give it a


this is a full-size guitar at twenty

five and a half inch scale it's bigger

than a Les Paul even though it doesn't

look it it is it's twenty five and a

half or Gibson's cat a relatively short

scale and it's beautifully balanced when

you wear it on the strap it doesn't move

you don't need to use your hand to hold

it up it just sits right there on the


it's just beautiful I mean I I don't

know I don't really know what to say you

know you know not exactly missus

spokesman am i I don't think I'm gonna

be running for president anytime soon

you have to put within your own hands

you know I could sit here for two hours

a noodle and it won't make any

difference it's going to be a $1 noodle

fest as opposed to you know a view learn

about the sexual particular instrument

it's a beautiful instrument as you can

see I'm extremely happy with it so there

you have it 91 00:07:19,729 --> 00:00:00,000 Bob's your uncle