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Over the years, Allan has inspired some academic work.

Schille, B. (2011). Allan Holdsworth: reshaping harmony (Master's thesis).

The most widely distributed of these works is probably Bjørn Schille's master's thesis in musicology, "Allan Holdsworth : reshaping harmony". In Schille's own words:

"This thesis examines improvisation and musical structures the way Holdsworth himself understands them. Three different songs are subjected to analysis in order to identify how his personal approach to for example chords, scales and sound characterizes the music. Focus is also given to guitar technical aspects and their relationship to the musical expression of Allan Holdsworth."

The thesis can be downloaded here:

There's also:

Rosenberg, J. C. (2013). " I'd Rather Be Broke and Happy than Miserable and Rich": The Life and Music of Allan Holdsworth.

Further theses to be added at some point...