Anders Johansson, Jens Johansson & Allan Holdsworth

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Anders Johansson is a Swedish drummer, and the brother of keyboardist Jens Johansson. The brothers hired Allan to play guitar on their "Heavy Machinery" album. Allan is credited on the album as a main artist. However, his contribution is more akin to a session musician, as he only plays overdubbed solos, although he performs on almost all the tracks.

Strong stuff from the brewery (EQ magazine 1997)

Holdsworth cut band tracks for his most recent album, None Too Soon (1996), at the Brewery. He also used the studio to record his guitar tracks for Heavy Machinery (1996), an album he did with former Yngwie Malmsteen sidemen Anders and Jens Johansson: "They just sent me (8-track) ADAT tapes. I played to the tapes and sent them back. It was kind of cool. The tapes had stereo drums, stereo keyboards, and bass, That gave me two or three tracks to mess around with. It can be hard, trying to play an overdub so it sounds like it really belongs on the track. So I try to get a feel for the shape of the tune before I even begin putting anything to tape."