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Andrea Marcelli is an Italian drummer, composer, arranger, producer, clarinetist. Allan appears on two of his solo albums, "Silent Will" and "Oneness". In addition, Allan recorded and engineered part of the album "Stories" in his home studio, credited to Marcelli and Frank Pilato.

Allan Holdsworth: An interview (Atavachron 1994)

AH: Well, the difference... there was a big difference with Andrea, because Andrea... I had wanted to... I actually had because he let me do a lot of other things on the album, like he let me... I recorded it-not his first album. But I mean his new album; I kind of basically recorded it. So I recorded the bass and the drums... and on the tracks that he did: you know, the synthesizers... the whole thing. And it sounds pretty good to me; I mean, someone else might think it sounds like shit. But you see, I had a certain control with that, than I could have never had with Chad’s album... he can just go off and let some other guy mix it and everything, and then I come back and I listen to it and I go, "My God! What did he do to the guitar?" Whereas Andrea’s album, that first album, anyway, because I mixed that with him... he was basically the producer, but I was basically the engineer. So I knew what I wanted my guitar to sound like, and because he knew it was my guitar, he didn’t interfere wit h it! So he left me to do what I wanted to do with it. So that’s the big difference, because then I have more creative control over the whole thing.

Untitled (Guitar Magazine? 2001)

Q: Don’t you join other musiciansí albums or session lately?

A: No. I had recorded with Andreas Marcelli three years ago, but itís also not completed. 90% was already recorded, mix and contract is the subject. There are many works in a such situation.

Q: Do you have any project from now on?

A: First of all, I want to finish the solo album and the work with Jimmy and Gary. Also, I want to make an album with Dave and Joel. And I want to finish the project with Andreas. So, I have four albums must be finished. Donít surprise if I release them at the same time!


STORIES - Released in 2015 it is still availabe to buy. Please contact me if you wish to have it.

Frank Pilato - electric guitars Mitchel Forman - acoustic piano Gary Willis - bass on 1, 2, 3 and 6 Jeff Berlin - bass on 4, 5, and 8 Andrea Marcelli - drums, synthesizer, woodwinds and percussion

Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by Andrea Marcelli The Rainbow thief composed by Frank Pilato Co-Producer: Frank Pilato

Recording engineers: Allan Holdsworth at the Brewery Studio in Vista, CA Matteo Guasti at Labella Studio, Montelupo Fiorentino Debut solo album by Italian guitarist Frank Pilato, playing the music of drummer/composer Andrea Marcelli, for a very special project, with a story long over 20 years...

After recording two critic acclaimed albums for Verve/Polygram "Silent Will" in 1989 and for Verve and Lipstick Rec. "Oneness" in 1991, both featuring guitarist Allan Holdsworth, Andrea Marcelli composed the music for "Stories". This new project was partially recorded in June 1993 engineered by Allan Holdsworth in his newly built Brewery studio in Vista, California. The music was envisioned by Marcelli for an electric guitar as main soloist. Holdsworth could not play for contractual problems so the album was not finished.

During the following years Marcelli kept playing Jazz world wide and moved from Los Angeles to New York in 1997 and then to Berlin in 2001, bringing with him the project "Stories".

Some years later he finally came into contact with Italian young and talented electric guitarist Frank Pilato, who also lived and played for a while in Los Angeles. Frank took the challenge and responsibility to successfully record and finally finish the album, in 2014, together with engineer Matteo Guasti at the Labella Studio. Pilato wanted also to contribute with a new composition and recorded with Andrea an inedit guitar/drums duo! The band includes an exceptional rhythm section with Marcelli's long time collaborator pianist Mitchel Forman, bassists Gary Willis and Jeff Berlin!

A very special project which embrace over 20 years of personal "stories"...