Atavachron (song)

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The Allan Holdsworth Interview! (Jazz Houston 2006)

MM: On Atavachron, did Tony come in as a collaborator or was it more worked out?

AH: It was more worked out. It was pretty complete and finished but he was as usual unbelievable.

MM: I know you don’t read music and Tony did, how did you and the other musicians you work with relate musically since you have your own form of music notation you created for your own music projects?

AH: Well it was really pretty easy. He’d just play something for me and we’d work it out on the spot just in the music itself or I’d go and write my own chart for myself. With me, relating the music to Tony, Alan Pasqua was and is such an amazing musician that he can hear something one time and play it back to you perfectly or even improved. His ears are insane! Literally anything you play will come right back at you.