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Derek Sherinian is an American keyboardist who hired Allan to play on his solo album "Mythology", and also appeared on the Planet X album "Quantum".

No Rearview Mirrors (20th Century Guitar 2007)

TCG: You have a thing out with Derek Sherinian and Planet X.

AH: Virgil Donati is an amazing drummer! Yeah, I did do something with Derek Sherinian and Virgil Donati. I’m not sure if it was a Planet X album or if it was Derek’s solo album or if it was Virgil’s album. I’m not sure where the tracks ended up but I did do a couple of tracks a year or so ago for Derek and then I just did a couple more for Virgil so I don’t know which albums they’re on or anything,

The Final Interview: Allan Holdsworth Talks SynthAxes, Jaw-Dropping Solos and More (Guitar World 2017)

Your guitar solo on “Day of the Dead,” from Derek Sherinian’s album Mythology (2004), is the most jaw-dropping melodic guitar solo I’ve ever heard. How did it come to be? —Andy Bishop

When Derek was finishing his album, he told me he’d love for me to play a guitar solo on it, so I did. I recorded a solo for him in the specific length that he requested, and he put it on that track [which also features Zakk Wylde]. People have told me they really like that guitar solo, but I haven’t heard it in years so I don’t remember it. [laughs]