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Allan plays a short reverb-drenched solo and some guitar parts on “Living In The Sky”, which is like a 70’s Genesis with Gabriel type of progressive pop/rock ballad. Korda sang lead vocals on “In the Mystery” and backing vocals on the “Road Games” album. Based on the sound of it, the info from YouTube, and the fact that Korda sang on "In The Mystery", this was probably recorded in the mid 80s.

Info from YouTube (unverified)

Celebrating the 10th aniversary of the International Space Station, and the future of international co-operation in Space exploration for Mankind to inhabit Space as a viable option. Paul Korda who has always believed that and even placed a deposit on the first commercial flight into Space, with Thomas Cook Travel Agency in the early 1980s, asked futuristic guitar virtuoso Allan Holdsworth to play on his recording, following writing and singing with Allan on his renowned "Metal Fatigue" album.

Guitar by Allan Holdsworth, Drums by Steve Chapman, bass guitar by Lou Castro and keyboard by Merry Stewart, studio time donated by venerable composer and producer Robert Gaudio, at his Sound Labs complex. Produced by Paul Korda, Engineer:Marvin Hall Living in the Sky (Paul Korda) ©Paul Korda Music (Winner of the Japan Expo 1985)http://www.paulkordamusic.com