Eidolon (album)

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A 2-CD compilation by Manifesto Records.

Allan Holdsworth - Jazz Fusion Guitarist (Musicguy247 2017)

R.V.B. - On the 2 CD companion set that is co-released (Eidolon) - are those songs that you picked out?

A.H. - Yeah. It’s a compilation of tracks from all of the various albums... it’s a sampler.

R.V.B. - Was it difficult deciding which tracks to choose? Were there any on the cusp of making the CD?

A.H. - The only issue was which ones to leave off because of time restraints. There is a limited amount of time on a CD. I was happy with the outcome.

DownBeat’s Final Interview with Allan Holdsworth (Downbeat 2017)

Is this your first collaboration with Manifesto Records?

This is my first collaboration with them as a record company, yes. I’ve worked before with Evan Cohen at Manifesto, and his dad was my publishing administrator for over 30 years. Well, Evan called me up one day and said, “Why don’t we remaster and repackage all your solo records and put them in one box? And, if you’d like, we’ll add a best-of compilation to go along with it.” And all the records are “in the family,” so everything would be [eventually commercially] available again. I think as a box set it won’t be available for that long, but then they all will be available as individual albums. [Manifesto] did a very good job of remastering everything, considering that many of the source tapes were very old.