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No Record Contract, No Big Hoopla, But The Fans Have Kept The Faith For Allan Holdsworth (Guitar World 1982)

The amps he prefers are solid state amps that sound like tubes. Made in England, unlike most setups they reside in a rack with the rest of Allans’ electronic gear: "I’ve got two Hartley-Thompson amplifiers, they’re in the rack. They make combo’s normally, but I was trying to make a rack up, and I thought I could incorporate them, so I did. ‘Cause originally I was going to use them for chords as well as solos. But we had some problems with the power supply and I wasn’t able to get the amount of wattage that I needed for the chords. So I finished up using what I could for that, the two Twins."

Allan Holdsworth interview (Music Maker 2003)

The Yamaha amps are waiting for you here when you travel to Europe?

Yeah, but according to Patrizzio who’s our agent, he said they don’t make those anymore so he’s gonna try to hang on to them.So keep em for..so when we come on the road again next year I can just use the same stuff that I got this time. When we go to Athens (they would fly there the same evening without the equipment..RH) we don’t know what we’re gonna get. I take my little boxes and cables and wires and stuff but I don’t know what we’re gonna get. I think I get two Twin Reverbs and Two marshall cabinets (laughs)