Floating World Live (album)

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Harnessing momentum (Innerviews 2008)

MoonJune recently released Floating World Live, a Soft Machine concert CD from 1975. What are your thoughts about the disc?

I never listened to it. I just can’t. I heard about five bars of it, turned it off, and said “Go ahead, put it out.” [laughs]

You allowed an album to be released without hearing it? That seems really unlike you.

It makes me cringe, but we played the gig, it was recorded, somebody has the recording, so why not put it out? I can’t stand listening to myself. I never listen to live recordings. If I did, I would just quit. I haven’t even seen the new Live at Yoshi’s DVD. I can’t watch it. I heard a few bars and said “Oh no. Stop.” I can’t do anything about these things. Personally, I would choose not to do any live stuff because everyone does it for you. I must have at least 200 bootleg CDs that were sent to me personally from the live gigs that someone else recorded. So, why would anyone need any more? There are hundreds of recordings out there.

No Rearview Mirrors (20th Century Guitar 2007)

TCG: Also, there are two more, while you’re talking about live recordings hitting the street, from way, way, way back, I think Leonardo spoke with me about an old Soft Machine BBC show,

AH: Oh yeah, Live in Bremen something, Radio Bremen it was done in 1972 or something. (laughter)

TCG: Wow, oh my God! That is old, isn’t it.

AH; That’s so long ago, I don’t even care! I haven’t listened to that either,

TCG: (Laughter) Well, some people know you Al, and they know that you don’t have rear view mirrors.

AH: No rear view Mirrors, like that one! (laughter)