Gazeuse! (album)

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Allan fits like a charm in this percussion-heavy fusion conglomerate led by Pierre Moerlen. Several nice guitar solos, including some acoustic work. Allan also adds steel guitar and violin parts! Strong tunes and musicianship all around.

Creating Imaginary Backdrops (Innerviews 1993)

Gong was good too. It was good fun. I didn’t speak French and they were always arguing in French, so I never knew what the hell they were arguing about! But, I think the band had a lot of potential, it was just never reached. I recently listened to Gazeuse! recently, because it was re-released on CD. I thought I was terrible on it, but the band sounded good. It still sounded pretty fresh—especially the drums. Pierre [Moerlen] sounded great—it sounded like it could have been done yesterday. That says a lot about his drumming.