Guitar's Practicing Musicians (album)

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This is quite a bizarre idea: Shred guitarist Jeff Watson trading licks with Allan on a funk/metal take on “Play that funky music”! Allan’s solo are pleasures in themselves, but the context is outright weird.

Jeff wrote on Facebook in 2018: Here’s something unusual for Allan.. He was staying here at my place in Mill Valley, and I got a call to go to Petaluma to play on a guitar mag album. I asked if I could bring Allan along (after asking him if he wanted to tag along.. plus they had a couple of good brewpubs on the way..) and they all said heck yeah. I’m the one playing all the old sloppy remedial parts, but Allan’s playing over these changes are just bizarrely amazing... Just the best guitarist ever. And one of the nicest funniest friends ever. Such a sad loss.