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The Allan Holdsworth Interview! (Jazz Houston 2006)

MM: What recording format and mixing desk are you using? 

Oran BEQ40 is my console…I had a Trident before that…I never got into the computer stuff. I know people have done some amazing things with them but I’ve never got into them. One of my favorite units was a Euphonix R1 stand-alone hard disk recorder. They’re expensive, like 65k or something. I like the idea of stand alone units as opposed to computer stuff. You can record digitally one channel with great results especially at high sample rates, but there are issues with summing on a digital board that they just don’t sound as good to me. All of those numbers are being sent down two wires. I guess that’s why I prefer analog consoles. Now I’m using two HD24’s, the high resolution units so I can record at 96k and they have the really good converters.