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The town of Bradford, Yorkshire County, England.

"I remember a time when all I wanted to do was get away from there. Now, each time I go back, I see it with new eyes. I wrote Home simply as a piece about that place where one grows up. Bradford was once a booming textile town with rows and rows of tiny terrace houses lining cobble streets. After our first Japanese tour early in 1984, I flew back to California the long way, stopping off in England to visit relatives and friends. There in a local ale house (The Goodman's, located in a suburb of Leeds), I recorded the sounds of friends, pub patrons, and the room, not because I'm an ale fanatic (although I am), but because these sounds and the sounds of the traditional ale pumps are something unique to the environment at home. I recorded them in stereo on cassette using a small "Walkman." We took that tape and transferred it at the Music Grinder studio in L.A., where a portion of that tape became the backdrop to the opening prelude of "Home."" (Reaching For The Uncommon Chord, p. 48)