Leverkusen '97

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Manifesto released the CD/DVD combo "Leverkusen '97" featuring Dave Carpenter and Chad Wackerman on March 5, 2021. Co-producer Manning Bartlett says: "This is a show that has 20 low quality minutes on YouTube and the rest of the 75 minute concert has never been seen (unless you were watching German TV in the late 90s.)"

The concert is well recorded and filmed, and the only full album where you can hear this lineup. The setlist is a mix of familiar tunes such as "Looking Glass" and "Letters Of Marque", as well as tunes from the album "Sixteen Men Of Tain", which Allan was working on at the time. Allan plays his signature Carvin HF2 Fatboy throughout. His clean tone is quite bell-like, and similar to the "Tain" album. His lead tone is also somewhat similar to "Tain", but Allan occasionally mixes in sounds from the Roland VG system. The tune "Sixteen Men Of Tain" relies heavily on the VG system in the chordal parts. The music has a jazzy feel to it overall, and is softer in expression than previous albums.