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Make sure you check out the Allan Holdsworth YouTube Playlists.

Art Of Life has released an archival album by Peter Lemer, featuring Allan on one track: Jet Yellow

Warsaw Summer Jazz Days '98 is being released June 14, 2019 on Manifesto: Order

The widely bootlegged concert from Japan in 1984 has been released on Manifesto Records. Available on Amazon.

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Welcome to the Allan Holdsworth Information Center.

The intention of this website is to present historical information on British guitarist Allan Holdsworth, by making available interviews, transcriptions and other material that is otherwise hard to find. This website is not affiliated with Allan Holdsworth's estate in any way, and is a private, non-profit endeavor. The admin of this site also runs the Allan Holdsworth Archives page on Facebook, please leave a message there if you would like to get in touch. We also recommend that you join The unReal Allan Holdsworth Facebook group for up to date information from knowledgeable people, but this site is not affiliated with the group. The official Facebook page is found at Allan Holdsworth Music, which is maintained by Manifesto Records, and again not affiliated with this site.

A huge thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped supply material. In particular, thanks to Olivier for collecting material from the year 2000 onwards, and to Ed for filling in a lot of gaps. We highly recommend that you check out Ed Chang's "chronological analysis and appreciation" at Thanks also to all the great folks at the unReal group, especially Nick for getting the group going, and to Manning for taking on the mantle. A huge thanks to Allan's musicians, friends and family members who have shared many a great memory. All of these efforts have been an inspiration in updating the old site, which is archived at

This site is a work in progress.

Allan Holdsworth discography

Here's a draft for a complete Allan Holdsworth discography.

Allan Holdsworth press coverage

Here's a collection of Allan Holdsworth articles, as well as a few related items, spanning Allan's career.

Allan Holdsworth filmography

Here's a draft for a Allan Holdsworth filmography.

Allan Holdsworth bibliography

Here's a draft for a Allan Holdsworth bibliography.

Academic theses

Here's a draft for a list of Allan Holdsworth academic theses.


Here's a list of musicians Allan has worked with, with links to brief stubs on their work with Allan.

Allan Holdsworth song titles

Here is a list of Allan Holdsworth song titles.


Here's a draft for some links to relevant Allan Holdsworth websites.

Allan's guitars

Here are categorized quotes on Allan's guitars.

Allan's amps

Allan's amps

Allan's influences

Allan's influences


Information from the articles has been gathered into categorized themes. This is a new project, and pages will be added as time allows. You may use the search function to find similar results, although this is a little bit tricky sometimes.

Interview transcriptions

Here's a new project, where audio and video interviews found online are transcribed automatically.

Interview transcriptions

Quotes on Allan

Here's a work in progress: Quotes by other artists on Allan

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