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Allan Holdsworth interview (Music Maker 2003)

How did that start out on secrets, was that something you heard immediately?

Certain things, even though the vocals took up only very short sections of tunes, typically they weren’t very long, they didn’t involve a lot of the music. I mean some of them did. Like against the clock when Naomi sang it, that was kind of a longer piece. But usually with Rowanne, they were very short things, like maybe introductions or endings. It was very easy to communicate with her very easily. And she really is a great singer. Sometimes I feel like.. I think words are good. Not all the time, you don’t need them all the time, but sometimes I think they are.And when I first her do that thing on Atavachron, where she did ‘All Our Yesterdays’, and that was very important. To have the lyrics on there, ‘cause they were very..they meant a lot, you know?

Allan Holdsworth - Jazz/Fusion Guitarist (Musicguy247 2017)

R.V.B. - Do you still see Chad Wakerman?

A.H. - I haven't seen him in quite a while. I've only seen him a few times since his wife passed away. It was very sad. We'll still play together because he lives not far away. I've been working with a different band. I like it and I'm sticking with that for a while.