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Any Key In The U.K. (Unknown publication 1978)

Any other guitars?

I’ve got a Gibson 12-string. It’s like the 335 but it’s really narrow at the nut so I don’t like it much. Unfortunately, there isn’t much choice with 12-strings because I’ve looked around and I couldn’t find one electric 12-String. Nobody seems to stock them. It’s OK apart from the narrow neck. It’s narrower than my Strat and it’s got twice the number of strings! I don’t suppose I’ll be playing it that much. I have an Ovation acoustic guitar. The only reason I bought that was because it’s amplified with that bridge thing. It’s much better than the Barcus Berry. You can get more volume without feedback. I’ve also got an Ibanez L5 copy and that’s beautiful. It’s the best acoustic I’ve ever heard. I used it on the album. I’ve finally found a guitar that I can play my own way. It’s not very loud but it’s really nice for recording.

The Innocent Abroad (Musician 1984)

On his chordal accompaniments, Allan has been striving for a more "orchestral" sound, using layers of delays to get shimmering, pulsating textures from his sophisticated fingerings. "For my rhythm sound, I’ve designed a setup where all the signal processing is driven from one master board; I put each effect into one fader." His digital delays are two ADA STD-1s, two AMS units and a Yamaha E1010. The whole rhythm setup is run through a Yamaha PG-1 instrument pre-amp, some P2200 power amps and S412 speakers. The mixers are a Yamaha M406 and a M516. Allan also has an Ovation ‘83 Collector’s Series acoustic and a Chapman Stick.