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Paul Korda is an American singer. He sang backing vocals on the "Road Games" album, and lead vocals on "In The Mystery" on the "Metal Fatigue" album. He also wrote the lyrics for the latter. Allan played a guitar solo on Korda's song "Living In The Sky" from the album "Early Years".

From Korda's website

In 1985, guitar wizard Allan Holdsworth asked Paul to sing all the background vocals on the title track of what became the Grammy nominated “Road Games” LP, that also featured Cream vocalist Jack Bruce. Also Allan played some epic guitar on Paul's track "Living in the Sky", a timeless piece about life on a space station, that has never been released. Paul then went on to co-write and sing “In the Mystery” for Allan's indie hit “Metal Fatigue”, the follow up CD.
“It was an interesting project, for Allan needed lyrics and melody for the session the next day, as, in two days, the masters were to be pressed by the factory, for release in three weeks. I managed to write it in two hours, sing it over the phone, and sang it in the studio, the next day. I heard my track on KROQ about two weeks later.  It was quite a feat, especially being homeless, at the time!”