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Allan Holdsworth (Guitarist 1985)

Do you prefer any particular amplifier?

The amps I’m using at the moment are made by a small and fairly new company called Pearce Electronics, out in New York. They are all solid-state with independent effects send and return loops for each channel, so you can set two of them up for stereo lead and stereo rhythm. The other great thing is that they are so portable; they only take up a single rack mounting space. They’re great!

Guitar Synths in Jazz (Music Technology 1987)

Allan drives the box with a Pearce amp head, and listens to it over studio monitors when he’s recording, though he has found this system to be equally indispensable in live performance.

The Unreachable Star (Guitar World 1989)

GW: Well, you certainly use what you say you use; there’s a bevy of Rocktron gear in here. One thing I don’t see, though, is a single Hartley-Thompson amplifier.

HOLDSWORTH: [warmly] Yeah, I’ve got them out in the garage. I couldn’t sell them because they mean too much to me, in nostalgic terms. I stopped using the Hartley - Thompsons when I started using Dan Pearce’s amplifiers. The Rocktron stuff is great, and they’re really, really nice people. It’s tough as a musician with regard to those things.