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Soma was a progressive pop/fusion project led by keyboardist Mark Gleed and drummer Guy Eckstine. Allan played on several tracks of their self-titled album. Gleed and Eckstine have worked for a number of years to finish the follow-up to this album. Raw mixes on the unfinished material circulate online, often referred to as "The Non-believer's Comeuppance".

Below is a edited transcript of a post made by Mark Gleed on Facebook, in response to a Geocities page that was posted, and only including facts relevant to the Soma project.

Never Was Never Will Be

Neverwasneverwillbe is a recording project by one Markham Gleed aka Mark Lauren, US keyboardist,…

Mark Gleed: Hello everybody. This GeoCities post has been haunting me for many years and I'd like to take this opportunity to set the record straight ... I was once contacted ... about Neverwuz and graciously had a very brief confidential discussion ... A few days later this ... webpage ... posted this distortion of the facts without my permission. ... There are a number of inaccuracies...

4) When I conceived the second Soma album I called it Neverwasneverwillbe from the get go. It was a reference to a doomed romantic relationship. Due to "artistic and financial problems the thing turned out a neverending story hence the title neverwasneverwillbe" is a complete fabrication...

5) Lastly, "around 1993 Gleed in order to earn money he needed to complete the album decided to sell rough mixes of the recordings through fan circles" is patently false. I gave one cassette copy of the Neverwuz rough mixes to a mutual friend of Allan and myself (who shall remain nameless) with the stipulation that it was just for him and he was not to make any copies or give it to anyone. This person went on to make numerous copies and distribute them and within months I heard from fans in Europe, Australia and Japan who all had obtained copies of this recording. It was a quicky rough mix made at the end of a session so I could go home and scrutinize what we had accomplished that day. I later may have sent out a coupla Neverwuz tapes to A&R people at the major labels as I was looking for a record deal, but it was not meant for public consumption or to circumnavigate the globe as it did.