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Allan Holdsworth filmography

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This list does not cover Allan's TV appearances at present. The list limits itself to officially and commercially released material, of which there is not so much.
==As a solo artist==
'''Allan Holdsworth: [[Tokyo Dream (video)|Tokyo Dream]]'''. (Live in Japan 1984) This concert was broadcast on Japanese TV, and subsequently released on laserdisc by Comstock. The release was done without Allan's approval, and the laserdisc was pulled off the market. Bootleg copies are widely circulated.
'''Allan Holdsworth And Alan Pasqua Featuring Chad Wackerman And Jimmy Haslip''' (2007). This concert was recorded at Yoshi's jazz club in Oakland, California. The DVD appears to be currently out of print. Hudson Music offers a digital download. Take note that this is a different recording than the CD "Blues For Tony" by the same group.
==As a band member or guest==
'''Gary Husband - [[Interplay and improvisation on the drums]]''' (1998). This is an instructional video by Gary Husband, released by Rittor Music in 1998. It features Gary playing in several group constellations, along with musicians Mark King, Jack Bruce, Gary Moore, Paul Stacey, Steve Topping and Mick Hutton. Three of the tracks feature Allan. There is a version of "Where Is One", which features Gary, Allan and Paul Carmichael on bass. Allan also performs one song with Gary, Steve Topping, and bassist, Paul Carmichael, in addition to a "Duet Improvisation" with Gary.
'''Bruford - [[Rock Goes To College]]''' (2006)

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