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==[[Reaching For The Uncommon Chord]]==
During that last year or so with Charvel, I was approached by the Ibanez staff. They seemed interested in my ideas, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for Charvel to make the necessary changes I sought. Ibanez came up with four or five prototypes, and each one was better than the one before. They were able to make the necessary refinements, and consequently they came up with a guitar superior to any I'd previously owned.
So I made a decision to change because I have to keep moving. It was nothing personal because Grover's guitars are great. But I decided Ibanez could make a guitar that was closer to what I sought. Eventually they came up with the one I now have. It has the neck dimensions I like, the high Jim Dunlop frets, a very light body, and the tremolo is great. It's not directly screwed on, but it pivots on a metal plate, and it sounds better.
Paul Williams is always the guy I've trusted when I've asked him about the guitar sound. I guess I've known him for such a long time that he's come to know exactly what I sound like. Every time I tested a guitar, I'd ask him and he'd always say, "No - the red Charvel; sorry - play the red Charvel..." I couldn't believe it when I played the Ibanez during one gig in New York. I was a bit scared to play it, and I was only going to play it for one tune, but I liked it so much that I played it for the rest of the tour. The next day at the sound check, Paul heard it, and he said, "Play the Ibanez," because it sounded better. That was a wonderful achievement because the Charvel was difficult to beat. The bottom line with Ibanez was they knew I wouldn't play their guitar unless they made me a better one than I already had. In fact, the green one I have is a production model, and it was so good that I persuaded them to let me have it. To me it was a step forward, and I'm going to be working with them in the future to take it even further. I'd like to make it a different shape, etc.
==[[Allan Holdsworth (Guitarist 1985)]]==

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