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The Allan Holdsworth Interview! (Jazz Houston 2006)
AH: Well, I did do a deal with '''Ibanez''' a long time ago where my guitar was built by someone else and the production models were hit and miss, but that’s the last time I did something like that and my deal with Carvin stipulated that they all be up to my standards—so I could go in and get one from a store and it be exactly the same. Carvin and I agreed to do a guitar based on my specs and they asked if I liked it if they could produce it…if I didn’t like it I would just keep the one guitar, but if I did like it, they would produce it. It’s worked out pretty well, really. As a matter of fact, I’ve got some ideas for a new one with a tremolo cause I miss having a tremolo sometimes.
ALEX: Tell me about the history of Ibanez ...
ALLAN: The funny thing is that they made a guitar for me by basically copying the Charvel ... the size of the neck and everything, but it was not built by Ibanez. It was built by a luthier in California ... it was a secret. It seemed like a great thing! In fact, once I met a guy at a concert that had come with his Ibanez and suggested he go back to the store and ask for the money back because the guitar was not good! The neck was horrible ... My guitar was good because it was not an Ibanez! Then I played a Steinberger at a show and I loved it! I love the Steinberger! I met Bill Delap who is a luthier and who built a series of guitars with Steinberger hardware. You know, after you play a guitar without a headstock, it's really hard to go back! [Machine back translated.]

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