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Allan Holdsworth

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Allan Holdsworth (1946-2017) was a British musician, composer and bandleader. He was primarily known for his work on electric guitar, and to a somewhat lesser extent for his use of the [[SynthAxe]] [[synthesizer]] controller. In addition, he also occasionally performed on vocals and [[violin]], live and on record, especially in earlier years. Later in his career, he would record, produce, engineer and mix his own records from his home studio, "The Brewery".
Holdsworth's musical style was often referred to as jazz-rock or fusion, although he disapproved of such labels. His music was influenced by jazz in that he devoted most of his energy to improvising on chord changes, but rhythmically and sonically he drew heavily on rock, and harmonically he created a very personal amalgam of jazz harmony blended with contemporary classical music of the 20th century. He eschewed traditional forms such as the blues or jazz standards, with a few notable exceptions.

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