The Acatama Experience (album)

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Allan plays an extended solo on “Point Of No Return”, which is a nice acoustic flavored latin jazz/fusion number, imagine Allan with Pat Metheny’s backing band. He returns for a short solo towards the end.

Harnessing momentum (Innerviews 2008)

You recently hooked up with Jean-Luc Ponty for his Acatama Experience CD. What was it like to work with him again?

It was great. I’ve always been a big fan and love his playing. He’s a sweet guy and he plays like he is. He called one day and asked if I’d be interested in playing on a track on his new album and I said “Sure.” He’s in Paris, so he sent a file over and I played the solo and sent it back in the mail. It’s funny to say “The solo’s in the mail” but that’s how we did it. [laughs] It’s a nice track and I’d like to do more with him. The whole record was pretty much done, so he just wanted a guitar solo for the one tune.