The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever (album)

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"The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever" is a box set by Manifesto Records, released in 2017. It contains the albums:

  • I.O.U.
  • Road Games
  • Metal Fatigue
  • Atavachron
  • Sand
  • Secrets
  • Wardenclyffe Tower+3
  • Hard Hat Area
  • None Too Soon
  • The Sixteen Men Of Tain
  • Flat Tire
  • Then!

The CD version of "Then!" contains a version of "Funnels", previously only found on the Japanese edition.

CD version:

LP version:

Allan Holdsworth: The final interview (Team Rock 2017)

We have to ask about the box set’s title. It doesn’t sound like something that you would call it.

I was absolutely horrified when I saw the box set. I never saw the actual cover until it was already in production. I went ballistic: “You can’t say that on the front, ‘The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever!’” I was like, “Explain to your readers that I didn’t know about that.”

The guys know me; they know my personality. You know, it’s not something I’d say: “Here I come, king of men.” I heard it was just going to be called The Allan Holdsworth Album Collection. It was too late to shake the tree. Some of the material suffered from the amount of time since the masters were made, and I know that the record company had spent a lot of money on remastering. In the end, I just said, “Well, it’s my own fault; I should have asked them to show me exactly what they were doing.” It was just unexpected.

They did a great job on everything else. It’s a limited edition: the box will go away, and eventually there will just be individual albums.