Per Stornes - profile.

This website is for the most part dedicated to my music.


Born and raised in Harstad, Norway.
Guitar player since 1980, amateur and semi-pro bits. Started out on acoustic fingerstyle, continued with electric blues and rock before getting interested in jazz.
Currently residing in Trondheim, Norway. Mostly active in the home studio, time allowing.
Family man and low-level health worker.

Partial band list:

Jompa and the headbangers, Harstad, 1985
Mannish Boys, Harstad, 1986-87
Big Business Band, Bergen, 1987-92
Out Of Coffee, Harstad, 1990-92
Per Stornes Band, Trondheim, 1993-96
The Scarecrows, Trondheim, 1996-97
The Fingerprints Band, Trondheim, 1999-present (though inactive since 2005)

Commercially or privately released albums, partial list:

Big Business Band: Jubileum, 1989
"De Risikable" (CD-single), 1990
The Silverboys: Leaning Back, 1994
The Reminders: Den 3. Mann, 1996
The Scarecrows, 1997
Barnas Musikkleksikon, 1998
Per Stornes: Fingerprints, 1999