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Home page of Per Stornes and Fingerprints Records.

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Quick music page. Guitars, vocals and other instruments by Per Stornes, except as noted.
Copyright exists in all recordings! See bottom of page.

22 October 2008: A collection of new items

Some original material:
L'arriveč - The premier recording of my new acoustic steel string.
Ildsjel - Another new tune featuring my steel string.
Fingerprints Revisited - Here's an rearrangement of a tune from 1999, using the original bass and drums.
Emily - A short piece for solo electric guitar.
JB Waltz - A little jazz waltz ditty with programmed bass and drums.
Join Old Chefs - A little improvisational workout using programmed drums.
Mac Rhino - Another impro workout.
Bedtime Impression - A short moody piece for two electric guitars.
Countryside - A ballad for two guitars with some rural leanings.
Maivals - This one is a few years old actually. Two nylon string guitars.
Gemstone - A quick sketch of a smooth instrumental rock tune, using Band-in-a-Box.
Stjarna - A short piece for solo electric guitar.

Some covers:
Little Sunflower - A tune by Freddie Hubbard, an Aebersold backing track and my guitar arrangement.
Cause We've Ended As Lovers - A tribute to Jeff Beck, composed by Stevie Wonder.
Deathless Horsie - A generic backing track of this Zappa tune, with some wild guitar on top!
Europa - Another generic backing track of this Santana tune.
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life - This lovely melody by Michel Legrand arranged for two acoustic guitars.

Per Stornes: Fingerprints (Fingerprints Records, 1999. Quick mp3 encoding, 2008)
Espen Mindreboe (drums) & Raymond Ness (bass)
01. Chasing shadows (Stornes)
02. Fingerprints (Stornes)
03. East side (Stornes)
04. Gently (Stornes)
05. Dim sum (Stornes)
06. Dim sum blues (Stornes)
07. Vuggesang for johannes (Stornes)
08. Waves (Stornes)
09. Bella luna (PG Fostad/Stornes)
10. Exercising my demons (Stornes) (Trine S. Kvaloe, vocals)
11. Bluesbasillen (Stornes)
12. Feels so good (Stornes)
13. Coffee break (Stornes) (Kjell Karlsen, steel guitar).
14. Sleepless night (Stornes)
15. Metullikke (Stornes)

Per Stornes: Jazzprints (Private recording, 2003. Quick remaster, 2008)
Espen Mindreboe (drums) & Raymond Ness (bass)
01. Cry Me A River (Arthur Hamilton) 6:15
02. All The Things You Are (Hammerstein/Kern) 3:30
03. Alfie (Bacharach/David) 3:49
04. Angel Eyes (Brent/Dennis) 5:34
05. Cherokee (Ray Noble) 4:52
06. My Funny Valentine (Rodgers/Hart) (PG Fostad, piano) 5:50
07. Love Me Or Leave Me (Donaldson/Kahn) (PG Fostad, piano) 2:53
08. My One And Only Love (Mellin/Wood) 4:12
09. Night And Day (Cole Porter) 3:19
10. Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael) 5:29
11. I'll Be Seeing You (Kahal/Fain) (Trine S. Kvaloe, vocals - PG Fostad, piano) 4:57

The Fingerprints Files (Demo, 2004)
Espen Mindreboe (drums) & Raymond Ness (bass)
1. Moondance (van morrison) 5:34
2. Rio de janeiro blue (john haeny/richard torrance) 6:31
3. Bankfeskar blues (arvid hansen/tove karoline knutsen) 6:24
4. You cut me to the bone (robben ford) 6:00
5. Ångbåtsblues (cornelis vreeswijk) 7:59
6. Popsicle toes (michael franks) 5:56
7. Agua de beber (vinícius de moraes/norman gimbel/antonio carlos jobim) 6:17
8. Route 66 (bobby troup) 5:59

Modes (Private Recording, 2005)
1. Fantasy in E major (Stornes)
2. Fantasy in E lydian (Stornes)
3. Fantasy in E dorian (Stornes) (Raymond Ness, bass)
4. Fantasy in E mixolydian (Stornes) (Raymond Ness, bass)
5. Fantasy in E phrygian (Stornes)
6. Fantasy in E locrian (Stornes)
7. Fantasy in E minor (Stornes)

Various Recordings
Proto Cosmos (Pasqua) Simeon Harris - backing track
Ana Maria (Shorter) Simeon Harris - backing track
Zappaflower (Bylund/Stornes) Jonas Bylund - backing track
Maivals (Stornes)
Poptomuch (Mindreboe/Stornes/Kvaloe) Espen Mindreboe - original backing track, Trine S. Kvaloe, vocals
Solipaire (Mindreboe/Stornes) Espen Mindreboe - original backing track
Sleep Dirt Jam #1 (Brown/Stornes) Glenn Brown, Acoustic guitar
Sleep Dirt Jam #2 (Brown/Stornes) Glenn Brown, Acoustic guitar
Hazard Profile (Jenkins) Jonas Bylund & Per Stornes, backing track
Am-G-F-E (Stornes) performed by Jompa & The Headbangers, 1985
Mannish Boys - demo recordings from 1987
Ambient Ballad (Stornes) Glenn Brown - ambient guitar
Ambient Blues 1 (Stornes)
Ambient Blues 2 (Stornes)
Ambient Blues 3 (Stornes)
Blue Ambience (Stornes/Brown) Glenn Brown - ambient guitar
Ballade for en venn 1 (Stornes)
Ballade for en venn 2 (Stornes)
Bossa'n'Blues (Stornes)
Pastiche (Stornes)
High Life (Mindrebø/Stornes) Original backing track by Espen Mindreboe.
Jol (Stornes)
Let's Boogie (Stornes)
Little Drummer Boy (Davis/Onorati/Simeone) Trine Kvaloe, vocals - Espen Mindreboe, drums & samples
No Mere Icon Noir (Stornes)
Nord (Stornes)
Swamp Thing (Stornes)
To Have Anna (Stornes)
Trail Of Tears/No Mere Icon Noir (Brown/Stornes) Glenn Brown - ambient guitar.
Utsikt (Stornes)
Farfar (Stornes/Aakenes) Kjetil Aakenes - vokal
Cavatina (Williams) Stein Bratland - backing track. From the album "The Reminders".
Crazy (Nelson) Stein Bratland - backing track. From the album "The Reminders".
Lipstick (Heggernes)
Silverboys Moments (coming soon)
Scarecrows Moments (coming soon)

Photo galleries:
The Fingerprints Band, live Dec 04, 2004
The Fingerprints Band, live Dec 17, 2004
Blått Brygg Juleshow 2005
Raymond's 30th Birthday Jam, 2005
Out Of Coffee - 1990/92
Out Of Coffee - 2006

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